Penance via self-flagellation was regularly practiced by Pope John Paul
II. This has been confirmed by Msgr. Slawomir Oder, the Vatican
"postulator" who is reviewing John Paul II's life and preparing a case
for him to be canonized. All this and more in Oder's new book "Why He's
a Saint". Oder states: "As members of the Pope's close entourage heard
with their own ears, Karol Wojtyla used to flagellate himself." He used a special trouser belt for this purpose, and he took it with him on vacation.

Oder was also quoted as having said "it's an instrument of Christian
Perfection", referring to the the practice of self flagellation.

For my own interpretation this practice of self loathing and debasement
is viewed by such main stream zealots as an act of purification of the
flesh. These (men?) leaders think they know what's best for humanity,
even as they beat themselves down with belts behind closed doors.

I only mention this as reason enough to avoid Christian council.

Philosophically speaking, the act, competency or virtue practiced for
the value or noun or goal of Christian Perfection is this self

So the anti-noun of Christian Perfection would be the debasement of the
body and the nerve impulses therein to reach a condition where those
aspects of living became processes to be shunned or rejected by the
deluded, self flagellating Christian, while the pain of this
anti-virtue of self flagellation would provide sufficient deterrent to
any further involvement in the sensual.

These gutless perverts fail to face up to the conditions of their
birth! And they seek to promote this grotesque imitation of human
existence via religious practice and the unreasonable faith that it will do them some

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