The fundie mentality can't stand to venerate the able, having accepted it's antitheses as the good. The antitheses of able is the non existent state of god.

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Why are we surprised when hierarchically driven temperaments have a need for someone above to provide direction? Guardian personalities (D. Keirsey, Please understand me, 1984) cannot survive without some thing to look up to. The brilliance behind the concept of God is that it gives the Guardians what they need, a ultimate head of the organization they can never hope to reach. A concept that is cloaked in the undiscussability of faith, which is in turn made undiscussable.
And now we have the failed psychiatrist at Fort Hood who shot his fellow soldiers to death as they prepared to deploy to Afghanistan. Although he had voiced dissatisfaction with his command and it's mission, he was not debriefed and placed in the brig. He was left largely to his own devices- religious devices, which lead to a tragic outcome which we call treason. He will be tried and executed . His immediate supervisors should be drummed out of the service for dereliction of duty.




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