Well, the intro to the group suggests one add info about your horror stories about coffee.

I first started drinking coffee at age six. My Polish Great-grandmother Maryam first introduced me to it. At age thirteen my mother started feeding me copious quantities of it, to halt alleged hyperactivity (that seems somewhat counter-intuitive).

However, my most recent coffee-incident is most instructive of how ingrained it is in my life.

One sleepy evening (as I spend nights awake), I decided after awakening to make coffee. Generally before I go to bed I set up a coffeemaker to avoid having to stumble through the process half awake.

My wife came in the kitchen. I'd set up my 1943 Sunbeam vacuum pot, my 2011 Yama vacuum pot, two percolators, and was working on the espresso maker when she interrupted this process. Apparently I was going through the kitchen setting up every coffeemaker in the house (and by extension making enough coffee for the whole village).

As of yet, she has not allowed me peace over that incident - James.

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Wow - at age 6? That's so young for coffee - I wasn't allowed to drink coffee yet or any soft drinks. I started drinking coffee in high school and I've loved it ever since. I remember smelling coffee being made in the early morning when I was little. Well, anyways I really enjoyed reading your coffee story! Thanks for sharing with us.




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