Any other godless in Utah here yet?

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present and proud
Yea! It is good to see more Utah atheists here.
Hi Markii welcome!
Hi Everyone! I live in Sandy and have a 3 yr old boy. I'd love to find someone to meet for playdates. Am I dreaming? Probably.

How 'bout that demonstration at Temple Square last night? Wish I had known about it beforehand. Any reason to demonstrate against the Mormons is good enough for me!
I agree with you OV I wish I could have been at the protest.

I don't have kids...sorry. You could go to one of the Atheist of Zions meetups on Thursday evenings at The Coffee Connection (I think) and maybe meet some parents there.
Thanks! Maybe I'll try that. :)
My Atheist brother just barely had a daughter. But he lives in Salt Lake and I don't know how well a 3 year old and baby can play, heheh....

Being asked once the standard, "Where do you think you will go when you die?" my answer was "Utah."

When the person clarified, "I mean will you go to heaven or hell?" my answer was "That depends on what part of Utah."

At the moment, I find myself in one of the far more heavenly spots - Lake Powell (Page/Wahweap) and in dire need of a kayak ... and someone to go kayaking with.

I think that constitutes a "play date," doesn't it?
Indeed, I am an atheist in Utah. I get the impression that there are more of us than I thought upon moving here, which is a pleasant surprise. :)
Good to find this group!
I just managed to find this place as well. Sadly, at my new job they found out I'm an atheist, as a result I got to spend two hours talking about it with her saying "you are so close, you have such a good spirit". She has no idea she's pulling at something that can never move in that direction.

Hello everybody, does this spot get much traffic?




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