The other day, I was driving around Ogden (as I tend to do since I live there for the time being), and I saw one of those "coexist" bumper stickers.  You've all seen them.  They look like these:

This particular one had a uniqueness about it that actually caused me to cringe.  On the very right-hand side of the sticker (as if it belonged there) was a silhouette of ... you guessed it ... good ol' Moroni.

Now, my family and I have a rather deep-seeded loathing for the LDS church.  The many things that members of the Morg have willfully done to us (and gotten away with) have been downright personal and for no good reason at all.

I hate all religions equally, except for Mormonism which has slowly (nearly 4 decades now), agonizingly proven itself to me to be the worst of the lot.  But now is not the time to expand on that point, because it had absolutely nothing to do with what disgusted me about the sticker.

No, it was the simple fact that he wasn't there to represent any letter of the word "coexist."  He was just there, hanging off to the side as if to say "yeah, can't we all just get along?"

I mean, what better representation for Mormon mentality, right?  "Hey, guys!  We're delusional too!"

And how ironic that it was right next to a crucifix. "We're Christians!  Pinky swear!"

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the "coexist" / "tolerance" / "patience" / "diversity" bumper sticker campaign.  It irks me to see those stickers almost as much as a Jesus fish.

Coexist?  Hah, don't make me laugh.  Coexist or die trying, right?

The thing is, we have absolutely no reason to tolerate religious beliefs (after all, believers rarely offer tolerance themselves, especially of other religions), have patience with them (2000+ years isn't enough?), or to celebrate religious diversity (please, let's not pride ourselves in being delusional and say that we did).

For one thing, nowhere in the Constitution does it say that we owe religion any of that, so we're not obligated to do so (no matter how badly they want us to).  For another, religion doesn't offer anything that we couldn't get through science a millionfold.  For still another, religion gets plenty enough of that already (plus huge cash reserves on top of it all)!!!  Believers have absolutely nothing to complain about, and they don't deserve any more.

Practice it all you want, but I reserve the right to point out its glaringly obvious falsehoods and contradictions and ridicule those that cling to it in full knowledge of those logical crevasses.

I will now conclude this rant by taking the opportunity to offer a suggestion to those that find that the best way to change the world is with one bumper sticker at a time:

No, I didn't create it, but it is highly relevant to my interests.

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Agreed.  The phrase "choose your battles" comes to mind. ;-)


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