Just hoping to be able to meet with some fellow nontheists here in utah in an attempt get my social life going again. I live in ogden, but I can roam.

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I used to be pretty active with these guys a few years ago http://atheists.meetup.com/478/ I just joined up again and I haven't made it to any meetings yet, but I'm pretty happy they're still around.
Would love to be part of a meetup or three. Alas, down here at the far south end of Lake Powell, I'm a thousand miles from nowhere.

But if ever you decide to roam to Glen Canyon, drop me a line!
Saint George anyone? :(

i know they meet up a lot up in Davis County. I went to a meeting at the library and watched a film. It was a good time.
Hello there, Brady. I live in Syracuse (outside Layton). Looking to meet some fellow followers of Atheos as well. The Salt Lake City Skeptics link there looks promising, and if you ever want to get together and organize something, let me know. I suppose I could always take the bull by the proverbial horns and all that.
Oh schikes, I just saw how old that post was. Oh well, offer's still open :)
Yeah, Sean, it looks like something is in the works for October. Not that skeptics are necessarily atheists, but... well yeah, most are.
Thanks, Remy; I'll definitely keep an eye out for whatever happens to be in the pipes for October. :)
I'm also in Ogden, but we expect to be relocating to the Portland area sometime in the next few years.  Good to know that Atheists of Utah meet (or met) close by.  The site is currently down at the moment, but I'll keep an eye on it.  I don't socialize a whole lot anymore outside of the Internet, but might make an exception if it were a noteworthy event.
Strange coincidence, I moved to portland 4 months ago. This place is amazing for the secular. Make the move now. I would never live in utah again.

I have had a couple of friends that live there tell me the same thing.  I've been planning to move there for many, many years.  Unfortunately, financial or family issues have kept me here, but I'm almost ready to make the leap.  Last year, my wife and I even went to talk to a real estate agent.  I just need to get my business rolling and we'll be on our way. ;)

I feel the same way about Utah.  Once we go, I'm never looking back.




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