Hello everyone! I am a young atheist living in Toano ,VA near Williamsburg. I drive past endless churches where I live and it keeps reminding me of how alone us atheist can feel. I want this to change. I want to start a local group we can have meet ups to connect to like minded people. A group anyone can freely express their opinions with out worry of offending others around them. A group where you will be accepted as an individual worthy of respect simply because you are a fellow human being. I don't want the group to only be an echo chamber, where everyone must agree with the majority. Rather I want every idea to rise or fall based only on the merits of the idea itself. I have a huge yard with plenty of room for people of all stripes to come for good talks and fun. If this sounds like a group you would like to join and meet with let me know in the comments and we will get this groups going.

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Thanks Aiden! Already checking in to them now. By the way your last name is not Pryde by any chance is it?

Yeah, I just approved your membership to SEVAS.

No, my surname is not Pryde. Do you know someone named Aiden Pryde?

Sweet thank you for accepting me. I thought you had gotten your name from a character in a book named aiden pryde just wondering if you got it from the book or not. Anyway thank you again for the acceptance and can't wait to meet up and hang

No worries. We have an active calendar, so I'm sure you'll find an event that interests you. If you have an idea for an event, go ahead and post it.  The settings of the SEVAS meetup group allow for any member to post an event.  In TAG, you can post an event suggestion, but it will take an organizer's approval for the rest of the group to see it (and I'm one of the organizers, so I keep an eye out for those).




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