Politics, Bleh! November 3rd...if somehow you did not know...I see you under that rock!

It's that time again...where people stand in line touching a screen, hoping their candidate wins and holds true to his promises. This year's governor election seems to have been covered by national news more than anyone I've been around to witness. If you are not already going, I hope you would check out the links posted and see if anyone makes sense. (BTW, if we have an independent running, can someone post that info? Sadly if there is one he/she does not stand a chance against these 2 'super' candidates.)

One seems like a homophobic douche bag with an impossible and illogical ideology...
One seems like he can't make up his mind and lay out specifics( Damn you spine flu!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ4u6EOj5Os)


P.S On a personal note, it pisses me off that McDonnell wants to do some offshore drilling...like that has not shown to cause any damage to our only home...

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