Seriously I know I cannot be the only atheist out here in SWVA. Places like Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Roanoke, Galax, Salem...just to name a few places. Where are you people? I would love to meetup sometime make new friends.

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Christiansburg..? You might be barking up the wrong tree there...

I'm over on the east coast myself.
And thats the problem I know I can't be the only one out here. It's like im stationed in Antartica or something to that effect.
I looked at half the profiles attached this group and most of those people are inactive.
I too wondered about the people in my region ( Hampton Roads) but it seems the activity on Atheist Nexus, and more specifically this group, is less than active.
I am from Lynchburg, Virginia. Not too many atheists in Falwellville. They are here though. Free thinking is frowned upon.
I've been an open atheist for I don't know how long now maybe 3 years or so, I could care less who knows these days. I thnik its time we stand and speak up.

I don't shove my views in anyone's face, but when the topic comes up, I definitely let it be known where I stand.
I am out of Lexington, Hey back
Aren't you the new president of the W&M Freethinkers?
Not sure, but I was the one printing fliers for the previous president, Justin, over the past year.
Sure thing. If you have to pay for printing on campus, go through me if you don't mind waiting a day or two, as I won't charge. Consider it my donation / contribution, especially since I am so frequently unavailable to actually attend the events, but I want to help any way that I can.
VFR has a map of all the secular groups in the state of Virginia.
I myself live in washington county in the abingdon area. I've been trying to start a group to do atheist activist projects.




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