Abortion foes win clinic fight


The Virginian-Pilot

September 19, 2012



Virginia's Board of Health knuckled under to political pressure last week when it reversed a decision that would have exempted existing abortion clinics from onerous design and construction codes for new hospitals.

But the timidity of board members to stand for their convictions, and the circumstances leading to their failure, underscored the level of political meddling and outright doublespeak that overtakes any discussion of abortion, let alone regulation of it.

Since legislation passed last year to reclassify facilities performing five or more first-trimester abortions per month as hospitals, lawmakers and supporters have insisted they were merely trying to improve patient safety. Pro-life advocates, led by the Family Foundation, recognized it for what it was and hailed the board's reversal as a victory for their cause. They're right.

The pretense of patient safety should've fooled nobody. If it were truly the motivating factor behind the new regulations, the legislature and governor would have applied the new standards to every outpatient facility, including plastic surgery centers and dental offices.

Their failure to do so made clear that their focus was on abortion alone. . . .

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