I think I'm starting to see a problem here. We have various threads asking for volunteers on various categories but we do not have any definite tasks to assign. I mean, it's all well and good to say "we need graphic designers" and it seems we have a few, but what will they do?
I've already seen a few people eager to contribute but without a goal and I'm afraid that unless someone steps up and assigns something, they will lose interest and dissapear.

So I think we should start specific projects while the interests is there. To this end, perhaps we can start a discussion on possibilities

  • Bloggers: How will this work? Will each blogger be expected to just, vaguely write about the Nexus, or will they have specific themes? You can't tell to a blogger "Start writing about the Nexus." without a clear concept.
  • Representatives: What are they supposed to do? Contact their local newspapers? Seriously I have no idea.
  • Web Developers: Ok, at least with them we can expect various site improvements to be passed on.
  • Moderators: Do we need specific guidelines? I think a "constitution" is necessary before moderation begins.
  • Promotions: What is this about exactly? Are they supposed to visualize and help the Representatives and the Bloggers?
  • Graphic Design: For this I already have an idea. Perhaps members of the nexus could raise requests and people contributing could do them?

Anyway, please present your thoughts on this.

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Thank you again Db0, you're input is very valuable.

As far as bloggers are concerned, I personally took the initiative to write what I thought was appropriate in order to get people to come check us out. So far it seems that others are doing the same. PZ Meyers has added his take on A|N as well as Atheist Revolution, Tangled Up In Blue Guy, and Psychodiva's Mutterings, just to name a few. I am not so sure that telling people what to say on their blogs is the right coarse of action (not sure that is what you're implying either). I think a simple plug and/or widget will do, but that is just my opinion, we need more ideas and more talk, like what we are doing now. I really like your idea about the Skills Exchange Forum.

As far as representatives are concerned, I have no idea either, maybe for when we get bigger and are actually 'out there', ya know what I mean?

Sean Reid and Oliver are working on stuff as far as Developers go.

I was thinking about the same thing with moderators, what are the guidelines? What can a moderator actually do? A constitution sounds like a good plan to me as well.

Promotions - Again, no clue, and again maybe for when we get bigger and actually have something other than forums to promote.

Graphic Designers - I think there should be votes for our various graphics and stuff and if our designers want to take peoples requests that would be fine, but I don't want to make anyone, ya know.

These are just my opinions. I think us working together is the best way for us to succeed, whether my opinions are used or not.
Something else that needs considering that Dawn K and Dawnne Gee brought up on the State reps board is that 1 rep would be fine for a smaller states but what about bigger states? Any thoughts on this anybody?
Also, right now it is about getting the list together. Next we will contact each person in each category and come up with a time to brainstorm ideas. Then we appoint a Task Manager (for lack of a better word) for each task and go.

Unfortunately, right now it is, "Get the plane in the air and then learn how to fly it."

Then we appoint a Task Manager

As a general idea for reps try to do some legwork and track down contact information on the different Atheist groups in their area would be great. From what (little) I've seen organised groups tend to be many, but small and fairly isolated. Building a contact database to be able to organise events, work towards creating a "movement" (re: herding cats), or even just so people can have a single place to go to find new groups instead of doing some solid googlework.
One of the ways we bloggers can help is to add one of the Atheist Nexus badges to our sidebar. Such a permanent link helps boost the site's search engine rankings. Probably even more important is for us to write posts periodically in which Atheist Nexus is mentioned, again with a link. We can introduce our readers to the site and then keep them informed about what is going on around here. This helps current and future readers discover the site. We can also help through strategic use of social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, and The Atheist Spot.
I was thinking in a similar path. I think what bloggers can do better here is use the nexus as a topic breeding ground and then point out and meta-analyse the various discussions that are occuring within.
I've already done something similar so you can get an idea of what I mean.

I generally think that banners and stuff are only useful in case the visitor has never seen it before. Otherwise they tend to ignore them.

I also agree with the strategic use of bookmark/social sites but as you can see from my own attempts, not as easy to make people act.
Speaking of organization and structure... I'm not a web developer, but I love to organize! Taxonomies are my specialty.
Thank you Heather.
I am a Web developer and I have started looking into the Ning development. What would be one of the main things you guys would lie to start with in the development cycle?

I think we could open a Free Bascamp account and have A project there so we could get tasks and To do things on there. Its easy and very usefull Project Managment.

Let me know.
A Basecamp account looks definitely to be useful.

As for development and the like, we have to wait a bit more before we can start on it.. Thanks for volunteering.
Thank you LogicalMind. I am looking into the Basecamp option as well as a few others.




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