I think I'm starting to see a problem here. We have various threads asking for volunteers on various categories but we do not have any definite tasks to assign. I mean, it's all well and good to say "we need graphic designers" and it seems we have a few, but what will they do?
I've already seen a few people eager to contribute but without a goal and I'm afraid that unless someone steps up and assigns something, they will lose interest and dissapear.

So I think we should start specific projects while the interests is there. To this end, perhaps we can start a discussion on possibilities

  • Bloggers: How will this work? Will each blogger be expected to just, vaguely write about the Nexus, or will they have specific themes? You can't tell to a blogger "Start writing about the Nexus." without a clear concept.
  • Representatives: What are they supposed to do? Contact their local newspapers? Seriously I have no idea.
  • Web Developers: Ok, at least with them we can expect various site improvements to be passed on.
  • Moderators: Do we need specific guidelines? I think a "constitution" is necessary before moderation begins.
  • Promotions: What is this about exactly? Are they supposed to visualize and help the Representatives and the Bloggers?
  • Graphic Design: For this I already have an idea. Perhaps members of the nexus could raise requests and people contributing could do them?

Anyway, please present your thoughts on this.

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nvm the volunteers page didn't load all the way and I didn't see the right thread for what im talking about, someone delete this I don't think I can
Roegge, for the moment there is nothing until things get sorted out but if you want you can head over to the Skills Exchange where I've asked for a few pieces
Perhaps out of the blogger base that you accumulate you could develop a small journalism corp. You could assign an editor who would establish direction and identify key topics to write about. I believe most journalist work on their own pieces and then submit them to the editor. These journalist are also given issues to examine from the editor. The editor then becomes the central base for the general public to contact with new issues and then the editor/s can decide what can be delegated out to the journalists. Perhaps a couple of copy editors could help clean up the journalists pieces as well.

While deciding what you could do with the representatives it might be beneficial to keep them interested and utilize their talents by get them working on PR strategies. Most organised religions have great PR. How do they do it? What is the science behind their methods and how can they be modified for Atheist PR. Another area that needs to be examined and tuned towards Atheist action is; how do we use lobbying techniques to progress the Atheist movement? If representative could put pen to paper with a clear list of strategies, readings and even a training program then when you are ready to give some direction to your representative they with be ready with the tools to successfully implement them.




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