I think a great way to get and especially keep volunteers is through rewards. People generally work better when there's a "carrot" involved. The good thing is that it doesn't have to be about money.

So I was thinking that perhaps we could start thinking about rewards for people who do stuff and I think we could start with something simple, like badges for bragging rights.

For example, we could have a badge for each category of volunteering and people who do tasks under that category gain points towards achieving that badge. Lets say for blogging:
  • 1 Blog Post (relating to AN somehow): Associate Blogger
  • 3 Blog Posts: Nexus correspondent
  • 10 Blog Posts: Voice of the Nexus
The titles and numbers we can discuss of course. A similar badge can be granted to volunteers of every category as long as we create definite guidelines on how they can achieve it.

The Badges can then be assigned to each member through AN (if possible) or we can allow anyone to use them in their profile as long as they link to proof of how they gained them (say by using a delicious tag to bookmark all the blogposts)

In the future we could have more rewards. Perhaps points could be cached out for monetary reward (if we get sponsors and whatnot) or exchanged for a job from the skills exchange or anything else we can think.

The more ways we have to reward people who put their time on this, the more loyal they would be.

What do you think?

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One more idea for reward. Perhaps the Atheists Nexus could promote to the front page a link of that person's choosing. We could have a tab called "featured post" announcement where we could post a message of that person's choosing.

This could be especially useful for bloggers for example who could direct traffic to their blog.
Sounds like a good idea, as a blogger I definitely like it.
Who doesn't like carrots? I think it's a swell idea. :)
I like it. I would already be a Associate Blogger! :-)
Well, lets hear your ideas about reward badges then . Do you like the names for the blogger ones?
Should we have more than 3? What names should we have for the other categories?
Uh, oh. Now I've done it. Again. :-) I actually like the names you've got. Maybe have three for now, and add more later as people start posting. Maybe there should be some sort of a time limit, e.g. ten posts in one day won't get you a badge...

Question 1: Where should the blog posts be? On the Atheist Nexus site, or some other site (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.)? i.e. which would give us more publicity?

Question 2: (unrelated to blogging) On the front page it asks for donations, but I don't see anywhere to actually do it.
The time limit is not a bad idea but I don't think it's going to be a problem. if someone is spamming, we can always see it and refuse to provide the badge.

1. I think outside the Nexus is the only idea at the moment, as blogposts IN the nexus are unavailable for unregistered users.

2. Soon ;)
Those would be a good as well.

For 1 We would need a way to track referrals.
If there is a thing that gets people motivated, it's praise, and rewards are just one type of it.
It depends on what everyone wants for the site in the long term. Right now, isn't it owned by Brother Richard? I have experience on the board of a (very small) non-profit organization, but I really don't know how things like this are usually run.

For a non-profit, we needed bylaws that were agreed upon by the majority of members, and those bylaws set out terms length, term limits, what the board members had to do, and what they were allowed to do without having to ask the entire organization every time.




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