You are standing by a switch which will change the track a train is traveling on. On the track in which the train is heading are four people who do not see the train coming. You can flip the switch to save them, but this would put the train on a track with one person standing on it. You cannot call out to them or save them in any other way - if you do nothing, four people will die, and if you take action, one person will die. What do you do?

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Have a good night both of you!
Hey you could make separate discussion on Pon Farr. So much to talk about there. And I'm thinking we are all Star Trek fans. Glad you liked the wiki.

Yeah good idea. And please, by all means, feel free to start up your own discussions here. I know the group is somewhat narcissistically named, but that doesn't mean I want to own the place! :-)

Ok will do .. After sleep though... Zzz

Hey Steph, if you want to start one on pon farr, I do have some opinions, non-canonical, of course, about it.

Ok I'll make a pon Farr one .. Do you want it here ? Or in Trekkies? I'll do it first thing in the morning.
I got behind sorry. I'll make the Pon Farr Star Trek discussion this weekend sometime.




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