Here's another moral intuitions scenario, or maybe a bunch of them rolled up into one hopefully large and engaging conversation:


Suppose you are starving, and you have a family with 4 starving children waiting at home, and you know that if you do not bring home something for your family to eat tonight you and they will all die. The only chance you have of your family surviving the night is if you kill an innocent person and steal their food. What would you do?


Feel free to reconstruct this scenario as you please, to test our and your own limits on under which scenarios you would/would not be willing to kill someone. You know, fun! :-)

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Here is a scenario to which I relate.

In 1974, I put my three kids, 2 cats, 2 litters of kitten, our pillows and blankets, and a crock pot into my car and fled from Texas to Washington State. When I got here, I had no money, no paid job work history from 10 years before, no education, the opposition of my family and in-laws and I had to figure out a way to survive.

The first 6 months, I bought a condemned house for $200 down, we lived in a tent until our cats had cleared out all the mice, I planted potatoes and cabbages because I knew we could survive on those items. I went to a small mom and pop grocery store owner and told them my predicament and asked if we could arrange some barter agreement. They agreed and every week I went in and took a box out of the out-of-date bins of dairy, meats, vegetables, and fruits. In exchange, we did some work for them.

In the fall, I harvested the potatoes, made saur kraut out of our cabbages. I didn't have crocks, so went to the local demolishing business and got toilet water reservoirs at $1.00 each and plugged the holes with cork and melted wax, carved wooden boards the shape of the reservoirs, and weighted them so the cabbage was below the liquid line. We opened the first reservoir in December and ate saur kraut the rest of the year until the next year's crop was ready. 

We survived, I worked at minimum wage jobs, went to college nights and weekends, earned degrees and became a teacher in our community college self-sufficiency programs and opened a private practice in my home.

My kids grew up, and used all the skills they learned to solve their own problems without help from me. They are so independent I can rest assured they will have all the skills they need to take on any hardship. This economic turn hit them very hard; they became very inventive when one lost a home and another lost a business; they are coming out of it stronger, wiser, and more self-sufficient than before. 

Now back to your question. No, I would not be willing to kill for food for my starving children, but I would surely find some different ways to survive and then thrive. 


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