Hey there from Ritzville Washington.  Ever heard of it?  I hadn't until I moved here over three years ago.  I'm an RN from Wenatchee who moved here to work in the little hospital in town.  Ritzville is best described as rural religious republican. I'm none of that.... and I'm gay to boot. 


Anyway, are there any more eastern Washington people here?  If so, give me a shout out so I know I'm not alone.




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There's a group of us in Spokane that get together once a month. The Spokane Secular Society, and we have a meetup group if you're interested. Not exactly right in your neighborhood, but an hour drive isn't too bad, if you're interested.
I've never heard of Ritzville (could the name be indicative of the people?) but I just moved to Wenatchee last year from Virginia.
I'm in Wenatchee and I've been to Ritzville a few times. And Waterville, and Colville, and Chewela, and Peteros, and... I was born and raised here and my extended family lives in Spokane and up in the Fruitland Valley north of Spokane.

You might find this strange but I've found refuge with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship here in town. It has been a warm haven for the few atheists I know. :-)

Been to and through Ritzville  many times...

Here in Pasco, WA




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