Come one! Come all! Come some!

Ello, ello all you Washintonians!

I would like to personally extend an invite to each and every one of you for amazing fun every Friday, and Saturday night, from 7 to midnight.

Friday, an open game night is held at Uncle's Games in Redmond Town Center. I attend every Friday, and run, as well as play, games all night long. Map for anyone interested below.

Saturday night, another open game night is held at the Crossroads Uncle's Games. I tend to not be able to make that night, but it's still as good as the Friday night game night! Another map link for anyone interested.

December 4th, my self, and another rep for Steve Jackson Games, will be running a tournament for Ninja Burger at the Redmond store, an amazingly fun, and side splitting game! There will be prizes for everyone who makes it to the final round!

If you show up to either night at any point, find me and say hi! Everyone knows my name, so they'll be able to point you in my direction.

Hope to see some of you great people there!



(Posting this in the Seattle Tacoma group as well.)

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Due to scheduling issues, the Ninja Burger tournament has been pushed back. To when, is not certain. But what is, is that I will be posting at the time that the information is available. It will be well worth the wait!




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