Although Washington's science scores are JUST above average compared to the rest of the nation, that's not saying much now is it? I look back on the science education i received while in school, and I find that I was never taught the scientific method!! I had to teach myself this over several years without even knowing what it was called.

Kindergarten: What did we do? Make things out of construction paper, boost our self-esteem, and build domino trails out of blocks. What?? There's NINE planets? O_O

First grade: Geometry (shapes lol) and basic math, reading, more crafts.

Second grade: All I remember is basic math, and playing The Oregon Trail on the computers. As for science education? The third and second grades switched back and forth to teach the solar system. I was on an off year and didn't receive that.

Third grade: Bugs!! I learned about arachnids, insects, worms, etc. Oh, and earthquakes, cause that was the same year as the 2001 Nisqually earthquake.

Forth grade: Let's not go there. It was a private school. >.br />
Through this entire period, I never once was asked to try and DISCOVER something about a piece of information; I was just told. What good is the education system if it doesn't first instill a sense of curiosity on the children to make them WANT to learn. You can practice reading anywhere. You have test and think with science.

The main reason I'm posting this here is that I want to try and present something to advocate for the teaching and usage of the scientific method in early elementary education (and not just a quick skim over, or ONE field trip). The thing is, is that I don't know what to do or how to do it. Help?

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I was introduced to the scientific method, and also was instructed in no uncertain terms that the earth was billions of years old. I think that in my case it was due to the quality of a few of my teachers rather than the school curiculum.




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