I'm not sure if you've all heard about the tree of knowledge that went up in West Chester last year, so here is a link to some information on it, written by one of the people that helped put up the tree.


And, for those of you who are like me, and hate clicking on links...this is the gist:

The Atheist group, Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia, noticed that outside their courthouse was a Jewish display and a Christian display during the holidays last year. The group came up with an idea for a display that would represent the atheist community too...the tree of knowledge...It's basically a huge lit up tree with the covers of books tided to it.

The tree was not just a smack in the face of religion, but it also represents atheism, in that we strive for truth, and the road to truth is through exploration and the acquisition of knowledge.

I was wondering if the atheists of Washington would be interested in putting up a tree of knowledge this year? But, I think that in addition to book covers, we should also put up philosophical quotes, mathematical equations, and great scientific discoveries...put up a tree that really represents human kinds' road to enlightenment.

I know a lot of you don't live in or around Seattle or Everett...which are the places I'm interested in...but if you want to be a part of it, you could send in stuff for the tree...if and when we get this going...Or, and this is a big or, we could all conspire to put up trees in our own cities and towns...a thought.

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You have seen this right? Not saying it can't be done elsewhere, just saying.
Oh...sucks...but in a way, it doesn't suck, because at least there's just going to be the "holiday tree"

I'm going to put up a tree of knowledge in my own home though...
I love the idea, it sounds great. I'm in Spokane but will help as much as possible. Does anyone here in Spokane know if we could do something similar here? Would any eastsiders be interested in trying to do it in Spokane?
The tree of knowledge would be a great idea. I wonder if it's doable.

My area of Vancouver is fairly conservative, lots of churchgoers. Im wondering if I should put a holiday light display on my house, with an atheist A.... I don't really want to attract too much attention - just enough for people in the know. FSM is too elaborate. Maybe a yin/yang? Not religious, a bit too woo hooo but I do live with someone who is Chinese so not out 100% of the question. Maybe make all of the lights green and put up a $ sign - the true meaning of Xmas?

Is there a recognizable symbol for "reason"? "Evolution"? Maybe a Darwin fish in bright lights?

Maybe this belongs on another thread. Anyway, a reason tree is a great idea. Maybe it would be good to contact soem UU's - they might be into that.
Well, the snake is a symbol of knowledge :) that would be both easy to do and cool looking

I'm going to deck my house out in the traditional lights and all that but no religion oriented decorations. My holiday tree in my own home will be a tree of knowledge; with quotes and book covers in nice little frames among my usual ornaments...I have a rather large tree in my front yard that I may decorate the same way, with a banner down the front to show it as a tree of knowledge.
I think thats a great idea. Best one Ive heard in a long time. Try and Figure a place through out this year. Have you guys seen Meetup.com? theres a Seattle area Atheist group with over 800 people in it. Im trying to get one going on the west side of the sound. If any one lives over there get a hold of me.


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