Here are some ways to welcome new members, and help them feel at home on Nexus. As of now (Dec 26 2010), this group is new. What happens next? *Watch for new members on the Member's page or the side bar.

*Simply, say welcome!

*Offer to answer questions.

*Identify potential community or interest groups that might make the Nexus experience instantly more welcome without restricting them. In other words, if someone is a parent from the bible belt, they may like the bible belt group and the group for parents; but also suggest the news group, or "Origins", or "former fundamentalists"

*If a new member has stated their city and state, they may appreciate knowing if there is a group focused on their location.

I've learned to start small and try not to ever-reach - so we'll see how it goes from here! If others would like to join this process, we can divide up the welcomes to make it more workable. We may not be able to welcome everyone, but reach out to to those who might especially benefit, such as those in highly religious countries, or from highly religious communities or regions, might be especially welcome.

Above all, enjoy!

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I've been welcoming the Texas new members and others when I can.
that's great.  i've kind of lapsed on this function - seems to do ok without.  however, i think it's better to do it than not to do it, so maybe you will inspire me again

That's great Sentient! I hope to inspire!

A fun way to add emotional impact is to say "Welcome!" with moving or glittery text. Here are some resources


Oh-Oh! It's addictive, like potato chips. I just made a whole bunch of Welcomes on textanim.

Oh that's nice!

thank you for sharing this!

Those are so neat! I've been playing around at those sites too. Did you see your name that I made?

Like Pringles? "Once you pop you can't stop!" hehe

Cool Ruth! I will most certainly go and check those sites out!

how about this?



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