We need an atheist U.S. President!


We need an atheist U.S. President!

I am actually British, but you'd have to be a bit naive to not care about the American presidency. An atheist president would really be a step forward, and it's ironic because the majority of the founding fathers were deists, not Christians.

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we do need a us president with no religion

Started by andrew bell May 14, 2010. 0 Replies

not caring about presidency is naive which is why i do .i think a us president is a good idea all most souly because he would have no favouritism .for isntance if we have a muslim president then he…Continue

Non-Theist Politicians in America

Started by Hannah D. May 3, 2010. 0 Replies

It is rather disheartening to realize how very few politicians are willing to admit that they do not believe in a supreme being. This is a link to a list (disappointingly short) of recognized…Continue

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Comment by Lola on February 8, 2011 at 2:08pm
@Orange (late reply, I know)
I actually fit all those categories. xD When I was a kid I even planned on being the first president of my kind, though nowadays I plan on being a diplomat. ^^
Comment by Sean Oakley on May 15, 2010 at 5:25pm
Nick, I read the article, and I wanted to tell you that it was really interesting.

Yet another example of Biblical errancy!
Comment by Sean Oakley on May 11, 2010 at 10:14am
I really do empathize with everyone who has to experience living in a theocracy. I myself wish to go into politics, I'm already acquainted with various prominent British politicians. You might be interested to know that the leader of the third largest party in Britain (receives normally 25% of the vote in national elections), Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats, is an atheist. And Gordon Brown, the leader of the second largest Party, the Labour Party, has recently announced his resignation. The favourite choice of his potential successors, David Miliband, is a pronounced atheist and the son of a famous Marxist philosopher (Ralph Miliband).

The European Union is similar, in the respect that it is very secular. When the European constitution was drafted, Portugal wanted a mention of God, it was multilaterally and explicitly rejected by European politicians, because they wanted the EU to remain a 100% secular institution.

If you want religious indifference, apathy, or outright criticism of it, come to Europe.
Comment by Tabitha Ellaine Smile on May 10, 2010 at 10:44pm
a female atheist president! <3
Comment by Sean Oakley on May 3, 2010 at 3:24pm
That does sound shit. To say the least. Do you know what upsets me the most though, the people who founded America were such liberal and profoundly freethinking people, I bet these great men would be rolling in their graves if they knew how religiously intolerant America had become in comparison to other countries in the western world.
Comment by Hannah D. on May 3, 2010 at 12:05pm
I really envy you. I live in a town where coming out can end friendships, careers, and marriages. It's almost like someone scooped up a town from the Bible Belt and plopped it down in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. I usually go to Albuquerque if I want to find other atheists to associate with. It's a thirty minute drive from here, but it's worth it to feel accepted for a little while.

I miss California. The people there seemed to be much more accepting than the rednecks in these little hick towns in New Mexico.
Comment by Sean Oakley on May 3, 2010 at 7:23am
The thing is though, with me, I can never really relate to 'coming out'. This being due to the fact that I grew up in a very tolerant community and freethinking household. Where I grew up, in the south of England, people are either apathetic, non-religious, or mildly religious. And in my own household my two siblings (a younger brother and sister) are both atheists, how far that is a result of my own anti-theism I'm not sure lol, but they were from a young age. My mother and my father I'd probably describe as either apathetic or agnostic atheists, to be honest their position is a bit hazy.

The point of this little anecdote is however, people are free to believe whatever they like where I live, unless it's fundamentalist theism.
Comment by Hannah D. on May 2, 2010 at 9:49pm
That would be an excellent start. I think that for it to have any chance of success, more non-theists must come out of hiding and profess their godlessness. When Christians (and other religious folk) start to see that they are regularly associating with non-theists who are capable of being "upstanding" citizens, we might start to see a real shift in the perception of atheists in general.

I really love what Richard Dawkins has to say on this issue, and think that his OUT Campaign is an excellent idea. I really wanted to buy one of the T-shirts, but I'll have to wait a few weeks as I decided to purchase his complete DVD set instead.
Comment by Sean Oakley on May 2, 2010 at 7:13pm
Personally I think getting an atheist president into office is a colossal objective, by the looks of things currently in America, but I think the first thing that would have to be eroded in order to make this possibility more likely is the common prejudice against non-theists. For instance, as soon as nearly every Christian no longer thinks that atheist=satanist, that would be a good start lol.
Comment by Hannah D. on May 2, 2010 at 4:55pm
I really like the idea of an atheist president. It would certainly be a huge step forward for a real separation of church and state. I think it would take an enormous shift in priorities for the majority of Americans, though. How would you suggest facilitating this process?

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