As I'm only a new member, this may seem out of place, but perhaps the group needs to review it's selection criteria for new members. I'm concerned that we may now be letting in any old riff raff.
For instance, I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia; have never read a comic book and am only mildly arachnophobic (and even then, just the real killer spiders we have in Australia).

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I agree. As someone who neither lives in West Texas, nor collects comic books, but IS arachnophobic (ironically...), I second the proposal to review our recruitment guidelines.
Perhaps meeting a minimum of 2 out of 3 criteria should be a minimum
Hey Ad & Jode. Sorry for very tardy "hello" and "welcome to the world's largest gathering place of West Texas Arachnophobic Atheists who collect comic books. My understanding is Australia is somewhere in West Texas (Texas is really big you know) so the Executive Membership Committee approves your application.
Aaron- howdy and welcome! Ironic arachnophobia...sounds painful! I think it more than makes up for your embarrassing lack of commitment to comics and West Texas.
I do have a few manga. Do those count as comic books?

Also, even though I am not yet a citizen of West Texas, I have decided to take this opportunity to announce my plans to move there before the year 2100 - 2200 at the latest.
Only if your manga is raunchy enough. Please submit samples.
It's kinda hard to find good ones cuz most of the really good ones in this manga have nipple-nudity (or more) which is probably against the rules here...

Thanks, that made my morning. Wish I could draw like that.




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