Only a few members, but there are a lot more atheists and secular humanists in WV than are on Atheist Nexus. I'm seriously trying to get the ones I know to join. It would be nice to be organized enough to have a presence in the state, but, being realistic, that's never going to happen. Not here. That could be pessimism, though.

At any rate, my name is Quentin. I'm from Point Pleasant, but live in Huntington. Details are on my profile and blog (

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Hi Quentin - I'm Sonja and live in Hurricane. I've noticed that we atheists are few and far between. There is a good yahoogroup for WV Atheists (can't remember if I see you on it or not).

Good to see/meet you!
Do you know the name of the Yahoo group?
Hi! I'm Neece and I'm near Morgantown. I think starting local groups that meet once a month or whenever is a great idea! I just joined the Morgantown Atheists. It's really small but hey, it's a start.
Hi Quentin,

I'm Rachel and live in Parkersburg. Atheists are really not as few and far between as I used to think. All the publicity lately has just given people the confidence they needed to "come out," so to speak. If there are any meetings and such I would love to participate.

Thanks and god bless... (seemed appropriate)

Hi! I'm Jack and I just joined the Nexus. I'm a member of the atheist group that meets in Charleston; the meeting is on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 5:30-8:30. Rachel, Parkersburg isn't all that far, so I hope you can come.

As explained on the yahoo group:

The next Charleston event has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 15. We will
be meeting at a property of John Stone's at the west end of Charleston. He
writes the following directions:

Directions to 1204 Camden Dr:

Drive West on Washington Street from its intersection with the
Charleston Interstates. Turn right on INDIANA AVE. around the Dollar
Store on that corner. INDIANA AVE. becomes CRESCENT RD. Crescent Road
will cross the railroad track in a couple of blocks in a kind of jig.
Stick with it. You will soon come to a four-way stop sign at Market
Drive. Turn left on Market Drive up the hill two blocks to the
beginning of Camden Drive, which will be a right turn from Market. The
second block of Camden Drive ends with a brown wooden house on the
right side of the street with white trim and a roof stolen from a
barn. That is 1204 Camden Drive. Parking is available on the street
in front of the house, on the street along the side of the house, and
in the driveway behind the house. We will gather on the rear deck if
it is nice weather, and on the front porch if it rains. Bring
WHATEVER BEVERAGES you wish to consume, and maybe some nibble food for
starters. We plan to order a pizza delivery for the main course.

If you have FOLDING CHAIRS and CARD TABLES available, retrieving them
for this event would be helpful.

Those planning to attend are welcome to arrive and depart at their leisure from
5:30 - 8:00 PM., BUT YOU ARE ADVISED TO COME EARLY if you want to be included in
the pizza order. Do not forget to bring beverages and nibble food.

We ask that all interested seek out eating establishments in the vicinity that
can accommodate us with large round tables, for future events. Another WEEKEND
event will be scheduled for the fall.

We always welcome newcomers and of course everyone has a standing and
open invitation from near and far.

For any further information and group identification, please e-mail
John Stone at When in doubt, always check the
Group calendar. For those who receive these posts automatically via
e-mail, it may be to your advantage to keep track of our Group URL
link. You may want to bookmark it.




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