You may have seen these on eastbound I-94. The owner of Lakeland Supply is an evangelical Christian who likes to proselytize to the helpless passerby's and commuters.

A few years ago, the Journal Sentinel even did a story on him.

I live now in Oconomowoc and have to commute to New Berlin everyday.

Well for the last few weeks he has posted a sign in another clueless attempt to demonstrate his faith. I thought I would write him a email expressing the ridiculousness of his latest attempt.

Here it is:

I am perplexed.

What do you hope to accomplish by posting the sign "Eternity. Smoking or Nonsmoking' off of eastbound I-94 in front of your building?

Is it your hope to convert non-Christians or to bolster the faith of those that already are? If you are attempting to either of these, you fail at the former and as for the later, so what?

Simply stated, you believe in a god that would torture unbelievers for eternity. This is the same god who you (probably) believe is omni-benevolent, that is, a being with an infinite capacity for goodness. The god you believe in can not be both infinitely merciful and punish infinitely, as both states are mutually exclusive. God is either omni-benevolent and a hell can not exist, or hell exists and god is not omni-benevolent. In fact, what you worship is an evil demon by your very own internal standards.

A message like that highlights your religion's inhumanity. It also demonstrates the basic barbarity of your religion that such a belief in a hell necessities.

A message like is nothing more than a stark threat, using fear as motivation. It also demonstrates the intellectual vacuity of your religion.

Since you subscribe to such a monstrous and inhumane doctrine as hell, I can only pity your basic lack of humanity. You apparently lack any form of human compassion.

Because of the twisted, backward reasoning which convinces you that such a message like is acceptable and even display-worthy, you are as evil as that god you worship.

You and your company I would never want to associate with.

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I have seen the many signs. He has a multitude of them. All equally coo coo crazy. They drive me to the edge of sanity. It's so arrogant and self serving. It was a great email and you made many good and potent points. Here are the reasons I think your message fell on deaf ears. One - you made many good and potent points. He wears assults on logic like badges of honor. Two - you used too many big words. He will have no idea what you are talking about. If you receive any kind of feedback, prepare for some sort of insult or veiled mission prayer for your soul. None of which will make any kind of logic or sense. None of it will address any point - let alone your argument.
Great email. It sure is nice to think that will motive this guy to remove the signs out of respect for those who are offended. I fear it will only encourage him. Too bad respect is another trait Christians brag about yet never practice.

I work in in the Waukesha area and see this pretty regularly. Glad to see I'm not the only one who finds it irritating!




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