If you want to get involved in the recall effort, go to unitedwisconsin.com for info on becoming a volunteer to gather petitions. Trainings for volunteers are scheduled until November 15th and then the petition gathering begins. Any Recall Walker folks out there? I am new to the effort but wish to volunteer. I am going to the Madison training on November 5th.

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I am not going to volunteer, but am definitely going to sign the petition.
I found out at the training that petitions can be gathered up until January 13th, so there is plenty of time to collect the 540,206 signatures.  It also involves a separate petition to recall Lt. Governor  Kleefisch.
I don't have time to take on another volunteering project at the moment, but I support the effort, & will definitely sign the petition. Good on you for putting in the effort. :)
Thanks, Carolyn!

I signed the wonderful Jenny's petition myself. She handed it to me and I did my part to rid Wisconsin of the plague of walker. Of course, all she had to do to get me to sign it was hand it to me in my recliner. But STILL...

How is the effort going? I live in a very conservative part of WI. If there is a drive going on that needs to be staffed, let me know. I will see if I can make it. I have attended the trainig and have turned in some petitions. The low hanging fruit is signed. It is a lot more challenging for me now.


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