Breaking the Cycle, WWF advocates for a solution in the battle against Arctic warming

Breaking the Cycle

"The amount of ice covering the Arctic Ocean’s surface has reached its lowest point this year. It is not a record breaker; that happened last year. But the extent of sea ice is at a level now that scientists thought it would not be at until 2050.

"These areas of frozen ocean are an essential part of the Arctic landscape. Polar bears need it for hunting, walruses for resting, people for fishing. These Arctic inhabitants are adapted to the ice’s normal seasonal patterns of melting and refreezing, but this overall declining trend is problematic.

"Why is the ice melting so quickly? Black carbon is partly to blame."

The beauty and diversity of Earth constantly amazes me. We live on a very special planet that supports life and I am so grateful to participate in its existence, even if for only a flash of time. 

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