Some people put a mouse running wheel outdoors, set up a videocam and saw who came to play ...

The wild mice loved it.  A frog, too ...

What would come and play on a jumbo running wheel?  Squirrels, skunks, raccoons???

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Very interesting.  I wouldn't have thought wild animals would use it.  

This article said slugs and snails also use the wheel:

Isn't it incredibly cute?

That's interesting, the other article said the slugs just accidentally climbed on it in their explorations. 

One could create psychological experimentations of squirrels.  Putting a wheel there, putting some food just above it ...

So there was a discussion earlier about what you can do to save water, instead of a lawn. 

Put up lots of exercise equipment and you can have a lawn made of animals instead of plants!

It is cute.

 "as no one has been able to prove that animals other than humans experience emotions"

I'm sure of my cats'  emotions: they try to fool me and play tricks that I didn't teach them. But with some humans I certainly don't know if they experience emotions.

sounds like a good idea




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