Farm Feeds Cows Candy Because Corn is Too Expensive

Katie Waldeck
August 22, 2012

It’s been a rough summer for farmers across much of the United States. The worst drought in decades has destroyed millions of acres of crops, dried up water supplies, and forced the price of food to soar.

The nation’s corn crop has been hit particularly hard — over half of the crop has been destroyed, and prices are at record levels. And, with much of the nation’s cattle on a corn-heavy diet, farmers are struggling to afford food for their herds. So what’s a cash-strapped farm to do when it can’t feed its cattle? Well, in the case of Kentucky-based United Livestock Commodities, turn to alternative feed — like candy.

Yep, you read that right, this farm is feeding its herd of 1,400 cattle candy in lieu of corn. Mixed with “an ethanol by product and a mineral nutrient,” mind you, the farm purchases candy that cannot be sold in stores. So far, farmer Joseph Watson claims, the cows are gaining weight and don’t seem to have any health problems. He told WPSD that, “This ration is balanced to have not too much fat in it. It’s got all the right nutrition for them..”

Cattle shouldn’t be eating candy. Cattle shouldn’t even be eating corn, for that matter. Cattle should be eating grass.

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Gotta love despise agribusiness behemoths that consider only the short-term bottom line. 

Those cows look like Holsteins. Dairy cows. Got milk?  Coming to a child near you soon.

Thanks for reading Diane!

Interesting. It's a sad day when stale candy is cheaper than dent corn, confusing , even a touch surreal.

It is surreal. How can this happen?




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