Illegal hunting of wild animals in South Africa threatens both wildlife and local communities driving the practice.

Bushmeat Pushes African Species to the Brink

This is a snared cheetah recovered by a park ranger in Zambia. A recent report says illegal hunting of wildlife in South African Development Community (SADC) states can lead to the eradication of many species across extensive areas and even complete ecological collapse.

... wildlife ... assets are severely threatened by illegal hunting and the bushmeat trade."

... many poor and marginalized communities depend on the contribution wildlife makes to their food security,...

... bushmeat extraction in the SADC region ... impending conservation crisis. Failure will not only have dire consequences for biodiversity conservation but will also lead to the collapse of an ecosystem service upon which many of the region's most vulnerable communities depend.

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More "tipping points", flora and fauna take their tole during climate change and some continue to deny human activity caused or contributed to these changes. 

Thanks for the post Ruth. This is a very important issue.


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