Injured dolphin dies after being stranded in polluted New York City canal

Sad news for people who care about animals.

An injured dolphin surfaces in the Gowanus Canal in the Brooklyn borough of New York, on Jan. 25.

An injured dolphin that became stranded in Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal died Friday, a marine foundation said.

The Riverhead Foundation confirmed to NBC News the dolphin passed away Friday evening. No other details about the mammal's death were immediately available.

Earlier Friday, live helicopter video from showed the sea mammal bobbing up and down in the canal's murky water — which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared a Superfund site in 2010 because it contained a "century's worth" of pollutants.

The dolphin appeared to be stuck in one section of the canal, coming up occasionally for air as a New York Police Department crew worked to figure out a rescue plan. It was unclear how the creature got into the predicament. The NYPD told NBC News the dolphin was stuck in the vicinity of Union Street, between Bond Street and Nevins Street, which is at least a mile into the canal and away from the Gowanus Bay.

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Sad story.

Another sad ending cause by pollution! Wake up USA!




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