Kicking sand to catch fish

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Posted on: January 27, 2012 6:06 PM, by Dr. Dolittle

I really love fishing! I can't think of a more relaxing time than sitting by the lake, or a more exciting time than going deep sea fishing. Therefore, I find animals that have come up with unique ways of catching fish pretty interesting. Take for example the humpback whales that we talked about in a previous blog. These animals actually create bubble-barriers around schools of fish to keep their meal in one spot.

It turns out that bottlenose dolphins also have a unique strategy. They use sand. By hitting the ocean floor with their tails, they create clouds of sand that act as barriers around schools of fish. Brilliant.

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Isn't this the coolest video! I love going to the coast and going on the Dolphin Boat Tour -- you get to watch the Dolphins as they swim near the boat. So beautiful. I hope to go again soon!

How wonderful Jonathan. I've never actually had the chance to swim with the dolphins. That sounds wonderful.



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