“Like a horror show” at Los Angeles-area beach

Marina Del Rey's "Horror Show" [video]

A couple of weeks after a massive fish die-off from low oxygen water or toxic algae, many other marine animals are dying in the area.

“It’s like a horror show, really!” That’s what Kerma Boyum-Sarmiento said after watching a pelican die [...] to Shay Yuval, the “horror show” is watching a number of pelicans and other critters die or show signs of serious sickness in the last couple of weeks in the rocks by Via Marina and Pacific. To the [...] women what’s happening is very suspicious. [...] Is there a connection between the anchovy-die-off and pelicans and other sealife suddenly getting sick?

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All these problems are attributable to the parasitic rise of humanity.

It is unnatural for one species to exist in such numbers. It is gross over-population.

Get rid of the people and we will get rid of the problem.

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