A new member of family Carnivora, the olinguito has been discovered. It lives in South America and weighs about 2 pounds. Although technically a carnivore, the olinguito eats mostly fruit.

Contrary to what you might expect, it is not uncommon to discover a new species of mammal.  At least 25 new primate species have been discovered in the 2000's. 

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Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

oh wow - thanks so much for posting this.

It is truly amazing this can happen in 2013.  Just further proof the mysteries these rain forests hold and why we should protect them.

New species of large mammals get discovered rather often.  Like the saola, a 200-pound bovine discovered in the forests of Indonesia; a new kind of monkey that was found in a densely populated area; this very cute creature.

People, even outdoorsy "natural" people, live in a largely human-created environment.  We build it around ourselves, the wildlife avoids us, and we're mostly oblivious of what goes on when we aren't there.  We sleep at night so we're mostly oblivious of nocturnal life. 

So we falsely imagine Nature, based on what is right around us.

I left my windows open at night, with the lights on, for awhile in California.  Giant colorful bugs came in.  Things I had no idea existed near me. 




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