As with all political problems, breeding Big Cats in this country is about MONEY. It's disgusting, cruel, and (I seldom use this word) immoral. 

Felaine, aka Sk8eyCAT!


Tippi Hedren’s Letter to Congress
July 10, 2012

Dear Member,

My qualifications in writing this letter are these. For forty one years I have been rescuing Big Cats bred and born in the US to be sold as pets or for financial gain. They live in sanctuary at The Shambala Preserve which is also my residence outside of Acton, CA. I sit as President of the Roar Foundation which I founded in 1983, that serves as the 501 © (3) Non- Profit California Corp. and the financial support arm for the Preserve. I served as Director of the Shambala Preserve until 2009. I was elected President of The American Sanctuary Association in the year 2000, which is an accrediting organization for Wild Animal facilities throughout the U.S. as well as a Wild Animal placement organization. I have successfully co-authored “The Captive Wildlife Safety Act” which my U S Rep. Buck McKeon introduced in the House and was passed unanimously in the House and Senate. It was signed into federal law on Dec. 19, 2003. I have currently co-authored a federal bill to stop the breeding of the Exotic Feline for personal possession or financial gain. It is now titled “Big Cats, Public Safety Protection Act”, H.R. 4122, which was also introduced by Rep. Buck McKeon on Feb 28, 2012. It now sits in The Committee on Natural Resources under Chairman Doc Hastings, and Ranking Member, Edward Markey. This bill is being opposed by a high powered special interest group responsible for extremely financially successful shows entertaining people all over the world, namely the circus.


I’m not surprised about the circus....will no one ever stand up to Kenneth Feld and those involved in the cruelest shows on earth? How long will cruelty win over those who try to defend those without a voice....and where is that voice of protection in our government? I cannot and will not accept this cheap sellout of the very real possibility of saving the pain of countless circus animals as well as all wild animals bred and born in the U.S. to be sold for financial gain or as a pet. The U. S. has always allowed this heinous act to occur, and along with that, it will give you a permit through the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to continue this insanity!! Has our government ever delved into how many humans, adults and children have been killed or maimed for life because of these weak, dangerous laws? I co-authored a bill to stop the breeding of the exotic feline for personal possession or financial gain in 2007, brought it to my Rep. Buck McKeon, R CA, titled ‘A Federal Ban on The Breeding of the Exotic Feline for Personal Possession.’ It is now titled, H.R. 4122, “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act.” After the bill was introduced, following normal procedure, it was sent to various departments for markup. However this time it was also sent for markup to “special interest” group Feld Entertainment, (Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus), which produces enormously profitable shows in Las Vegas and the world over! Kenneth Feld, the founder, who has been charged repeatedly with cruelty to circus animals, pays the fines and goes off scott free!!! Why is he in this powerful position? Am I the only person who will stand up against Kenneth Feld? We all have access to information on him ( )....this man whom you fear so have the power to say no to him. The question is, will you?....this is a moral, as well as safety issue.  

My bill simply stated “Stop the Breeding of the Exotic Feline for Personal Possession or Financial Gain”. I will continue to fight for the right of the Great Cats not to be born in captivity, until it becomes law. I would still like to continue my belief in the strength and moral fabric of our legislative system. H.R. 4122 must be passed for public safety reasons and because it is the right thing to do! You, as our representatives in The U.S. Government are the only answer to stopping the insanity of breeding Great Cats. These are Apex Predators, top of the food chain, one of four of the most dangerous animals in the world maiming and killing humans. Stop demeaning the life of the wild, dangerous animals by confining them to small cages to be used for financial gain. This bill is to protect human life as well as the humane treatment of the wild animal. Only you, who have one of the most prestigious positions in the world, can make the passage of this bill possible. I thank you for your empowered vote of Yes on H.R. 4122!!!!

Tippi Hedren
The Roar Foundation - The Shambala Preserve

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HR 4122 - will do - I will follow the link to the site you posted here.





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