Congressional committee votes to allow destruction of wild horses

Beloved wild horses aren't profitable to the 1%.

A Congressional committee vote on Tuesday amounts to a death warrant for the mustangs and wild burros that roam America’s range land, an advocate for the animals said.

The House Appropriations Committee voted to reverse a ban on destroying healthy wild horses and burros that was contained in a spending bill signed into law by President Trump in early May.

“Let’s be clear: House Appropriations Committee members just signed a death warrant for America’s mustangs and it will lead to the wholesale destruction of these irreplaceable national treasures,” said Suzanne Roy, director of the American Wild Horse Campaign in a news release.

If it becomes law, the amendment would allow the Bureau of Land Management to kill horses and burros deemed unadoptable as long as the animals aren’t used for commercial purposes including human consumption.

“It’s being spun as ‘euthanasia’ but it’s really license to kill tens of thousands of healthy wild horses and burros,” Roy said.

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