FEATURE-California sea lion crisis lingers; falling births reported

Only 2,000 dead and dying pups and juveniles beached since January, not because California sea lions healthier but because fewer are born.

A warming ocean is taking its toll on California's popular and playful sea lions for a fourth straight year, with scientists now reporting lower birth rates depleting the population, and masses of young animals still washing up starving and stranded on beaches. More than 2,000 emaciated California sea lions, mostly pups and juveniles, have been found beached dead and dying along the state's southern and central coasts since January, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). That is over twice the average number of strandings considered normal, although it is about half as many as the record 4,000 documented strandings that alarmed the public during the first six months of last year. NOAA biologists believe declining births may account for the year-to-year reduction in mass strandings. Both trends are attributed to warming ocean temperatures along the Pacific Coast that have disrupted the marine mammals' food supply of sardines, anchovy and squid. [emphasis mine]

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One bit of evidence after another. What say the climate deniers? Have they no eyes or ears or intelligence? If current trends continue, then who wins? Who benefits? Why is safe? Fences, bullets, bombs, Starwars won't solve the problems. That leaves us if there is any hope.

If current trends continue, nobody wins, especially not wildlife.




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