A bull in Hong Kong was reported to cry and somewhat beg for his life.

Workers in a slaughterhouse were surprised when the bull suddenly knelt and cried before it was ushered into the slaughterhouse.

Shiu, one of the workers, said that he trembled when he saw the bull’s teary eyes.They continued trying to pull the bull inside, but failed. The crying bull just would not budge!

The workers were moved and decided to gather funds to purchase the bull and give it to monks, who would take care of it.

According to the slaughterhouse workers, when they decided not to kill the bull, the creature stood up and followed them.

From: http://www.ghosttheory.com/2012/12/03/bull-in-slaughterhouse-begs-f...

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On the edge of our subdivision there is a farm. We became enamored with one particular cow in the group, whom we lovingly named Trevor. One day last fall, all the cows disappeared. It's good to know that he is living with monks somewhere. I'm going to tell myself that every time I pass by the farm.

Enjoyed reading about that - thank you.

Interesting. Seems this bull was intelligent and not only knew what was up but good at social communication. Bravo, bull and bravo compassionate workers. While there's no scientific proof the bull knew he was being lead to his death, his staunch resistance until they relented is psychologically compelling enough for me.

Thanks for the post Morty. It is very moving.

No pun intended? Sorry ...




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