More than one in three wild boar in Germany are too radioactive to eat

700 miles away and 28 years after Chernobyl, radioactive Boar.

Since 2012, hunters in the Saxony region of Germany have had to get any wild boar they kill tested for radiation. In one year, the state reports that 297 of 752 boar tested contained more than the safe limit of 600 becquerels of radioactive material caesium-137 per kilogram for human consumption. Some boar tested had radiation levels dozens of times higher than the safe limit.

Saxony is 700 miles from Chernobyl, where a 1986 explosion at a nuclear plant sent radioactive material into the atmosphere. Subsequent rain and wind carried the radioactive material far and wide across Europe.

Even though it has been 28 years since the Chernobyl disaster, The Telegraph points out that experts say the radiation could be around in unsafe levels for another 50 years. [emphasis mine]

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Terrible news! I hope people of that region take the information seriously. 

Never tasted wild boar and doubt if I ever will. It is interesting, however, about the wildlife in and around Chernobyl--how it's flourishing.




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