How does wildlife extinct make you feel? It makes me sad that so few bees visit my garden, and that so many species are threatened. I celebrate every time one bee comes around, which is rare.

There are now so many creatures on the endangered species list that some scientists are suggesting that we are on the precipice of a mass extinction – when more than 75 per cent of known species die out. … the threat of loss gives rise to anxiety, fear and even panic.

It suggested that even witnessing the devastation of extreme weather events via the media could negatively impact emotional well-being, especially where there is uncertainty about the future safety of their own locale. In short, climate change has clear emotional and psychosocial impacts;…

If our environment hurts, ultimately we hurt. Our natural environment makes important contributions to our mental health and well-being.

There is a very real psychological cost to the unsustainable pursuit of happiness. That price is depression, panic and trauma. The Anthropocene is evidence that we can change the world. Can we now change for the better? [emphasis mine]

Our mental health is linked to our environment

Which species do you worry about?

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I think I'll reread A World Without Us

A fantastic book, Randall! The images are still strong in my mind.

Oh no! British dormice extinction threat.

Iconic, cute, beloved by children, dormice are in dramatic decline.

Dormice in Britain 'vulnerable to extinction'

Britain's native dormouse has declined by more than a third since the year 2000 according to a new report...

... hazel dormice are extinct in 17 English counties.

... the dormouse is now vulnerable to extinction in Britain.

Horrible! I don't know if we can read Alice in Wonderland now...

Hi All,

My favorite environmentalism book was and still is  "The Lorax" by Dr Seuss. I read it in 1971.




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