UN report confirms corruption is biggest threat to ivory, as wildli...

Now I'm glad I left the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

… corrupt officials are at the heart of wildlife crime in many parts of the world, rather than terrorist groups or tribal peoples who hunt to feed their families.

The reports’ findings have coincided with a wave of arrests of wildlife officials across Africa and Asia, raising concerns of a global “epidemic” of poaching and corruption among armed wildlife guards who are supposed to be protecting endangered species.

… the big conservation organizations are failing to tackle the true poachers – criminals conspiring with corrupt officials.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been funding wildlife guards in this part of Cameroon since at least 2000, despite reports of guards arresting, beating and torturing tribal hunters.

One Baka man told Survival in 2013: “Ecoguards used to open tins of sardines and leave them as bait to attract leopards, so they could hunt them for their skins.”

Another said: “The ecoguards don’t want anyone in the forest at all so that no one hears the gunshots as they poach.”

In February 2016, Survival filed an OECD complaint against the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for its involvement in funding repressive and often violent conservation projects in southeast Cameroon, rather than tackling the real poachers. [emphasis mine]

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Thanks for sharing that disappointing information! Truly the foxes guarding the chicken coop.




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