Wildlife Refuges as wildlife killing fields.

The NRA Turns 300 Tax-Funded Wildlife Refuges Into Killing Fields

... killing as a form of public recreation is already sanctioned at over 300 out of a total of 556 national refuges across the country that are funded with the public purse. The killing includes some of the most beautiful species cherished by wildlife observers: Blue and Green Wing Teal, Wood Ducks, Hooded Merganzers, Bobcats and Mountain Lions as well as dozens of other species.

The NRA says it “played a key role in getting language included in the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997, making hunting a ‘public priority use’ on refuges.” In September of last year, an additional 17 refuges added or expanded hunting and the NRA brags it was because it “championed and helped draft” the language in the 1997 legislation.

The language of the legislation is Orwellian. There are 15 separate references to the phrase “wildlife-dependent recreation.” Here’s an example: “Provide increased opportunities for families to experience compatible wildlife-dependent recreation, particularly opportunities for parents and their children to safely engage in traditional outdoor activities, such as fishing and hunting.” [emphasis mine]

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The law could just as easily be written to include refuge use for photography, painting, art, observation, sound recordings, meditation pathways, places for harmony, rest and renewal. No killing allowed. 

Yes, I understand Joan - why didn't they do that instead?


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