Your tax dollars will pay to slaughter up to 900 bison from Yellowstone.

In February, 900 Bison Will Be Slaughtered For A Very Disturbing Re...

Did you know? Every year, around two million wild animals – such as bears, coyotes, and foxes – are killed in the United States to preserve the nation’s livestock industry.

If this news isn’t shocking enough, you’ll be disheartened to learn that up to 900 wild bison in the Yellowstone National Park will soon be slaughtered, as they are “considered a threat to the livestock industry.”

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal relays that government agencies will soon take action to kill off between 500 and 900 bison. The reason? They “compete with cattle for grazing space on public lands outside the park.”

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As a big bison lover, this kills me. Why are we so stupid? Greed and power.




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