Here's how I generally announce meetups. But anyone can start their own meetups (or other events) too, so I thought I'd write out how to do it.

Creating an Event

  • Events > Create Event
  • ‘Name’ include ‘Windsor Atheists’ to help if people are searching
  • Can use the Windsor Atheists logo image as the event image, or if you have a more appropriate photo, use that.
  • In ‘Description’, write what you like, and make sure there’s a link back to the Windsor Atheists group ( ) so non-members who find the event details can also find our group.
  • ‘Type’ is usually ‘meetup’, or choose a different type if you prefer.
  • Use Google Maps to get a URL to a map location. Try to get a clean URL that points to only a single location.
  • ‘Location’ should be a simple name or phrase that locals could use to get there without the map URL.
  • Fill in other details as you like.
  • Click Add Event

The event is then submitted for approval. You should get an email/notice that it’s been approved within about 1 day (sometimes only an hour or so). Once the event is approved, you can start inviting people and making an announcement in the group.

Inviting People

  • Try to invite all the members of the Windsor Atheists group
  • Easiest way is to Invite Friends. (This kinda requires you to be Friends with all the members, so send out your friend requests in advance.)
  • Be sure to click “Select: None”, and then manually select only members of Windsor Atheists (can get the list of members from the group page). Otherwise, you will end up inviting all your friends, even those who don’t live in Windsor.
  • If you can’t use the Invite feature for everyone, then you can use the Send Message to Group feature from the group homepage. No HTML is allowed, but you can still include the raw URL to the event details.

Announcing in the Group

  • Start Discussion in the Windsor Atheists group.
  • Put date, time, and location in the subject.
  • In the Post text-box, make sure you link to the approved Event so people can RSVP.
  • Add Tags if desired, like ‘meetup’, and the name of the location.

Note: Don’t expect everyone to RSVP. Oftentimes people will forget about that feature, but still show up nonetheless.

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