There's not a lot of blatant religious stuff going on here, thankfully, but I've noticed a few things. There's that anti-abortion billboard. There are a bunch of churches struggling to attract members. Some of them are 'importing' preachers from Detroit, so I get the feeling they're trying to spread crazy American protestantism across the border.

Aside from that, the biggest thing I notice around here is that criticism of religion is still considered 'taboo', except for the obvious cases like the Pope covering up for rapists. But we don't get any serious discussion of the problems with religion in general.

In fact, if you do try to open that discussion, you'll get wary or disapproving looks from those around you.

Or worse. When I was a kid and let it be known that I thought of religions like Christianity as nothing more than mythical stories, I ended up getting rejected and eventually ostracized by my classmates. For a long time I tried the "Just don't bring up religion and hopefully everyone will get along" tactic. After the last couple of decades of that strategy, though, I don't see how it's gotten us anywhere.

I think we need to be vocal and unapologetic atheists in order to make atheism 'normal' and break the taboo against criticizing religion in general.

There are some groups of people in Windsor where you can talk freely about it, but for most people here, you'll still get the funny looks of disapproval.

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