Wine Spectator's Top 100 coming out this week. 10-6 were announced today. Three Italian reds (two Tuscans, one Piedmont) and two California wines, a Russian River Sauvignon Blanc and a Napa Cab. Good times!

WS 100

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Interesting times. The #1 Wine this year was Columbia Crest Columbia Valley Reserve Cab. Sauv 2005. First time ever that a Washington State wine took #1. It's only $27 too with 5,000 cases made so there's a decent chance of buying some.

So, all told in the top 10, there were 4 Italians (all red), 3 Cali (2 red), 1 French red, 1 Spanish Red, and the Washington State cab. There are 4 of the top 10 under $30/bottle and only one bottle is over $100. Sign of the times maybe or just a weird year?




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