So im selling braceelts that say ATHEIST AND PROUD OF IT.. and ive found them to be quite a big debate starter. Although i dident make them for this reason it does come as a seccond meaning for them to a lot of people. I have about 100 left out of my original 350. So get them while there here!

message me for details!! :)

but wear them PROUD or not at all

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Not to stir up anything but.. Why would you be proud of being an atheist? It's just another way of thinking. Is there really a need to boast about being an atheist?


It's the same thing with homosexuality, there really isn't anything special about it. Waving it around suggests that it is not a normal thing to be.

"Yea, I am an atheist and im proud of it". As if there is something wrong about it. There isn't.

I dont claim it so proudly and outspokenly because of the fact that I think there is something wrong with it. its is actually the other almost 80% of people who think atheist's are wrong and immoral. I think its a great thing to stand up and say hey im an atheist i think it will show a lot of people that not all of us are bad. I think it would help that religious people see that the person who they were fine with and had great morals and they trusted turned out to be an atheist. I myself have changed a few minds about the motives and how we are seen in the media as ANGRY and people not worth trust. I think its a great thing to say were here to stay and were not just a flair up of rebels haha. its more a fact that although you shouldent have to prove anything to the world, you do have to in a way. Not everything is matched and won with silence and being passive. so i guess that is why i back these braceelts 100% :) ide hope a lot of atheists feel that way and i atribute that way of thinking into the prgress we have shown as a family of non believers

p.s. sorry for the spelling ahead of time haha




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