Any lawyers out there?  I am in a law and ethics class in my legal studies and the professor has decided to base 80% of his class on Thomas Aquinas.  Aquinas' a priori is that law is based on reason and that law is in the mind of man from the mind of god.  I cannot accept his a priori and am having SO much trouble explaining to the class how I can't get past this.  To me, reason and god are complete opposites. Anyone who has chosen to believe in god has circumvented his reason and the debate ends there.  Any advice on how to survive this class and learn law without constantly debating divine law?  Thanks! 


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Thanks! Ugh. It is going to be hard. The first paragraph--Of The Essence of Law
"We have to now consider the extrinsic principle of acts. Now the extrinsic principle inclining to evil is the devil, of whose temptations we have spoken in the First Part (of his Summa Theologica). But the extrinsic principle moving to good is God, Who both instructs us by means of His Law, and assists us by His Grace: wherefore in the first place we must speak of law; in the second place, of grace."

And he loses me there. The first paragraph. If I cannot accept this, how can I accept the rest of his argument? Yes, I believe you are correct, I will have to just spit at him what he wants, but I am feeling disingenuous. Why do I have to compromise? How in the world do you teach law and ethics without a mention of Kant, Mill or Rawls? I've already called the professor a speciesist. I fear a bad grade coming.......LOL. I'm only going to be able to play his game for so long..........I'm not a traditional student. I am 39 years old and have one masters in ethics already. This guy has really got it coming. He's basically a disgruntled lawyer who wrote two books about how the US justice system should return to xtian values in order to "right itself". GGGRrrrrr. Thanks for the response!
One could also point out the date of these treatitses; and the fact that they have long since been improved.

But my memoryplex theory which you can find discussed in the Origins group, basically states that you haven't got a chance.

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