I'm curious about something. Is there anything in the New Testament that supports the idea that once someone's heard the gospel, Christians are supposed to keep preaching to them until they're converted? Or is the Great Commission simply to share the gospel story and then leave the person alone?

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I have too, and I'm trying to use the Bible to prove to my annoying in-laws that they have done their duty, and they can now leave me alone.
Well, you can get back at them by learning the Bible better than they know it. I've read the whole thing through, to help me deal with my religious relatives.
Ooh, good question, and I might have to try that response someday. "I've heard it, thank you. And I'm exercising my god-given free will not to believe in god."

My guess as to their defense: Until we convert we haven't really heard the 'good news,' so they do have to keep beating us over the head with that bible.
Exactly..if you haven't converted then OBVIOUSLY the news hasn't been delivered properly.
Like almost everything in the Bible, it supports both possitions. I would put the passages but I just don't want to look them out right now.


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