I just posted an entry where I analyzed a discussion between two friends (an atheist and a Christian) -- pointing out the good points and the places where I thought they should have handled things differently.

Coffee with Bernie -- Conversational Analysis

Let me know if you think my advice makes sense and find it useful -- or if you disagree with my approach and have other ideas!

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Similar to one of your last points, I like the Spiderman analogy. That's one of Matt Dillahunty's (host of The Atheist Experience) favorite arguments when people bring up the historical and geographical truth in the Bible. Spiderman is set in New York City. New York City is a real place. New York City doesn't prove the existence of Spiderman.

In many places, bits of verifiable historical events are mentioned. But in several places, there are things that are linked which don't work together. One of my favorite examples is King Harod and the Roman Census which forced Jesus's parents to return to Bethlehem. The King Harod mentioned in that part of the Gospel was dead at the time that the Census was taken, according to Roman documents.

Once you have one example of someone blatantly making something up, the whole document is cast into question, particularly when it's being sold as the infallible word of God.
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