Got this from a fundamentalist who is trying to convince me that a) he's being persecuted and b) my collection of fortunetelling paraphernalia is evil and from Satan.

Well to address public education, Christian beliefs are mostly what this Country was founded on. Back in revolutionary times, if you were anti Christian, you were also Anti-American. There was even a colony devoted to atheist (Rhode Island). Up until the 1960's when required prayer was removed from the public schools, the number one problem in Schools were gum chewing and talking in class. I think we can see a drastic contrast now. There was even a study done where the morality of children was shown to decrease since the time prayer was removed. I personally don't have a problem with Do not Kill, Do not steal and so forth. The problem that Atheist have and some Christians alike is a misunderstanding. I listen to atheist all the time try to quote scripture and many of them will tell me they have read the bible through and through, but they lack understanding of its literary and actual intent. They don't understand God, because they approach him as a religion (many Christians do this as well) God is a being, he desires relationship. It is about relationship, and when you understand that, the bible comes alive. We are made up of 3 parts. Spirit, soul (mind will and emotions) and flesh. 1 Corinthians 2:14 tells us that the Natural man can not perceive spiritual things. God is spirit and you have to operate in the spirit to relate to him. I know God that is why no atheist can change my mind. Atheist always seek evidence from the creation to prove the creator, and there is a ton of evidence, but you will never be able to prove the whole of God through creation, he is to big for us to comprehend in the natural. I look at my relationship with him kind of like when I would meet a new woman. I approach her with a little faith also. I don't know everything about her when we first meet. I spend time with her to get to know her. I don't question everything she tells me right off the bat, I believe her until she proves me wrong. I don't seek to prove her wrong, but seek to know her. When you do that you will find out any flaws she has. With God I have found no flaws, but have found flaws with myself. As far as evidence I am sure we will get into that throughout our conversations. Now as for the Ouija Board I will tell you one mild incident my brother had. He and a friend were playing with one when all of a sudden a spirit announced its presence. My brother was to young to remember my grandmother, she died when he was very young, so he asked the spirit her name and it answered. He thought her name was something else, but when he asked my mother she confirmed what the spirit had said. He got a little freaked and went across the street and through it in the creek. The next morning he woke up to get ready for work. He was looking for his shoes and when he looked under the bed, guess what he found? Yes, that's right the Ouija Board. Satan uses these tools to get into peoples lives all the time They think its a silly game and they are unaware of what is going on in the spiritual realm, which soon manifest in the physical. I know of people who had similar experience as you. In this country we don't recognize a lot of spiritual things, because we don't believe. If Satan is real and he has you where he wants you, why would he reveal himself. After all the old saying holds true. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he doesn't exist!

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Err, ask him what the difference between Spirit and Soul is.  I've never heard anyone say something like that.

I'd point out individual problems with everything else he's said, but I'm sure you have the ability to dissect it all, too.  This is very basic stuff that they deal with all the time, on The Atheist Experience.  They field harder questions at least once a month.

Chewing gum, talking in class to relationships with spirits that dont talk back but a Oujia that speaks names...uugghh

oh thanks for the share

So, where did you find this guy, anyway?  I'm always in the mood for a good religious bicker.  I wish I got more visits from Jehovah's Witnesses and such.

Through Facebook. He apparently frequents atheist pages, including this website, claiming he's been insulted. The only thing I see is people asking him to back up his claims, which he refuses to do.

Ah.  Yeah, I stay the hell off of Facebook.


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